Hosted by Dee and Kathleen, Mamas With Attitude is a no holds barred podcast by Dee Marco and Kathleen Ebersohn, where they drop endless bars on the truth about motherhood. Both moms are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and from having endless conversations about the ugly (and many beautiful) truths about motherhood, child-rearing and the various joys and fears along the way, the pair decided to start a public platform that holds fort for some of these chats.



Khoelife Organic Soap and Oils Co-operative combines a franchise model with a microloans system. Members of the co-operative receive training and peer-to-peer support regarding management, finance and marketing in addition to receiving start-up capital. The purpose of the enterprise is to enable women entrepreneurs to set up independently-owned businesses. As the first cohort begins to make headway, part of their commission and loan repayments will be used to support a new set of entrepreneurs, thus eliminating the need for external funds. The traditional, labourintensive production process relies completely on renewable energy sources, thus reducing carbon emissions.

“My interest in local plants started many years before I studied at university. As a child I loved gardening with my mother and already in the long ago days when I lived in Mitchell’s Plain running arts and culture projects, I was fascinated by indigenous plants. Truth be told, though I love talking, I love doing even more, and plants were a way to connect to my indigenous heritage without necessarily using words.”

Khoelife came about because Yvette’s health problem, Psoriasis (a skin disease usually marked by red scaly patches). After seeing a number of doctors including her father who is a medical doctor, the Psoriasis continued to trouble her, despite the use of Western Medicine.

The KhoeSan survived for centuries without modern medicine and used buchu for a number of ailments – the buchu tree only grows in the Western Cape. With her indigenous knowledge, Yvette began experimenting on herself and cured the psoriasis. She then began, in a small way, making organic buchu body lotions and soaps, which she would give away to family and friends. The more she gave away, the more the demand grew for the buchu products and this was the beginning of the Khoelife business in 2013.

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